Who doesn't like poping balloons?

- party without balloons is actually a meeting -

How I wrap bottle with balloon

How to pack a bottle of wine or juice, (or doll in box) in an original and crazy way, 

so that both the celebrant and all the guests will be delighted? Well in the balloon!

I'm giving away a small tutorial on how you can do it yourself (some parts of the video are accelerated).


This is just the basic process of wrapping in just one balloon, but if the item is larger it is possible to wrap it in multiple different balloons in a similar way.

 So, first turn the inside out and inflate the balloon to the size of an object, and push the air to the opposite end of the knot. Then simply push the bottle (or other object) into the balloon so that the inside (powdered) side of the balloon fits against the bottle. Cut the knot and drag the rest of the balloon that is still inverted over the bottle like a sock. If there are wrinkles, just allow a little air to fall to the bottom of the bottle, then push the excess air out with your hands. I leave the rest of the decoration to everyone's imagination.

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