Inflating round balloons

Round balloons are much easier to inflate than modeling ones. You’ve probably already inflated cheap ones by your mouth with no problem. Professional latex balloons are lined on the inside with talcum powder that you will accidentally inhale, and they are made of a natural material that can cause allergies in individuals. Therefore, it is best to use hand pumps or electric compressors to inflate the balloon.


If you plan to make larger decorations with round balloons, eg. arches, tunnels, walls, etc. and you want all the balloons to be the same size or in 2-3 sizes, and to be round and not egg-shaped, or bulb-shaped, it is not it is necessary to have a professional compressor, but you should follow the guidelines I am preparing in the video lessons on this topic.


Anyone who intends to take balloon decorations more seriously will realize that it is great decision to invest in a professional digital compressor that inflates balloons according to the default size you program, because it is hard and slow to pump by hand pumps for few hours. Pumps are good only for occasional home use.