The sweets are even sweeter in the balloons

Whether industrial or home-made, sweets are the must-have part of any children's celebration. Balloons filled with sweets are especially fun.

I do not recommend filling balloons "as much as fit inside", although this is visually very effective, because of the weight they are no longer suitable for play and fun, and if you hang such a balloon it will easily burst. The balloon is not a bag though. For balloons and games, it is enough to fill a balloon with 2-3 sweets.

The most important thing is that each candy is in its own packaging, because each balloon is covered inside with talk!


Give the celebrants an unforgettable memory of the funniest celebration full of jumping and screaming by hanging one or more balloon pins. The balloon pins are made by filling the large balloon with smaller ones filled with sweets. I can also add paper confetti.