Bring joy from the hearts of your loved ones with hand-modeled balloon figures and let even the most serious guests will became childish!

Wrap a gift in a balloon or in a balloon cake!

Hang a "piñata" from a balloon - a big balloon filled with smaller ones with sweets in it!

Only imagination is the limit ...

Wrapping the object with a balloon

How to in original and crazy way pack a bottle of wine or juice (or some other object) and the celebrant and all guests impress? Into the balloons!

I give a small tutorial on how to do it yourself (some parts of the video are accelerated).


This is just the basic process of packing in just one balloon.


So, first turn the balloon inside-out and blow halfway and then push the air to the opposite side with the knot. Then "simply" insert the bottle into the balloon, which will fit the inside (powdered) side of the balloon against the bottle. Cut the knot and drag the rest of the balloon still inverted over the bottle like a sock. If there are wrinkles, just let the bottle fall to the bottom slightly, then push the air out with your hands. I leave the rest of the decoration to everyone's imagination.



  Celebration suggestion: This is how you can wrap all the bottles on the tables in the same color.