Ecology matters!

The balloons I use are completely biodegradable because they are made from naturally dense milky juice (known as latex) from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees that grow on plantations in South America, and originally come from dense forests around the Amazon.


The latex is obtained by spiral notching of the bark of mature wood (at least 4-5 years old) and constant shrinkage, because after about 4 hours it coagulates and the incision on the bark closes.

Therefore, it must be constantly collected and immediately sent for processing before it has completely solidified.


I decided to use balloons that since 1938. produced by one factory in Barranquilla, Colombia, because they do not add any latex additives to the latex, as some other low-cost balloon factories in the world do.


Despite its biodegradability, I do not recommend leaving balloons or fragments of bursting balloons after parties outside or in the wild, but should be picked up.

I distance myself if my client uses balloons filled with helium and let them fly away into the sky, because I do not use helium and am against uncontrolled flying balloons, because they often end up in nature, animals swallow them and die, etc. I also do not use air balloons made of aluminum foil or plastic bubble balloons, but only and exclusively natural latex balloons.