Who has no talent has no obsession either

Solitude is unavoidable part of creativity.
I'm not anti-social; I'm pro-solitude.

Everything I have ever did great I did in solitude.
Everything I have ever did bad was influenced by turmoil.

Solitude is creativity's best friend.

New begining

How many circles I made from this point to the same point?


A journey into the past

How long does it take to return one moment?

When I accumulate everything, handwork calms me down.

Each item I made fed me with the same energy that created us all.

We are all created from the same energy that grips our souls, and creativity is a powerful transformer that can bring joy to life and makes creator "system independent".

What I do


This is the most fun thing to do, favors stress relief, maintains general skills and stimulates creativity. And the greatest pleasure is watching people’s reactions to the figurines I make.



but not in paper - I pack gifts in a balloon! That is really fun to do. And if have no gift I stuff balloon with smaller balloons to make small balloon explosion.


a bit to edit this website, but I'm not a programmer. I'm only Joomla webmaster. I created this website using Joomla! CMS and my imagination.


I do not accept orders. This is personal website where I represent my hobbies.