How do balloon figures stand up?

How do balloon figures stand up?

There are three basic ways of fixing decorations and figures: using support frames, tying, and using weights.

The first method involves making a stable base and a support frame (usually made of aluminum rod) of a suitable shape, around which balloon decoration either comes out directly or is subsequently fastened / wrapped (eg classic balloon decorations can be wrapped). The frames are made for exterior decorations due to the wind and sometimes for the interior if they are very large or specific in shape, especially for arches.
Metal or wooden panels are most commonly used to make the plinth, to which the shaped frames are attached by means of a corner with screws. The whole structure must be wrapped with balloons and ensure that no sharp parts are present before balloon decoration or sculpture is attached to it. The bars are shaped and cut with adequate tools according to the given design. Aluminum is welded with gas, which requires the completion of a special course, and decorators often prefer to connect it with adhesive tapes.

Another way is to design by tying, usually for hangers attached to the wall. The embroidery can also hold the sculpture in a specific form, for which a transparent flak is used.

For interior shutters, it is usually sufficient to add weights that secure the sculpture from tipping over, even larger arches if they are solidly made. Weights are made in various ways, most often balloons filled with some content, such as water, sand, rice, beans, pebbles. Unlike balloons for flying balloons, the weights of sculptures and decorations filled with air should generally not be seen, ie they should be hidden at the bottom of the sculpture and should not hang even when the sculpture is raised, but if this is not possible then the bottom balloons of the sculpture can be filled with content, thus becoming weights. Personally, I like to fill them with water the most, which is why I use two balloons in each other.

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