Drawing on balloons

Drawing on balloons

The face can be the most important detail when creating a character and the focus of the design because that is the first thing we look at. It is not so much important as it is drawn in detail, it is important how the facial expression of that character and his character are presented. Sometimes I draw other details besides faces, eg tiger stripes, etc.


What is also important is the choice of markers. For latex balloons, I use quick-drying markers that exist in two variants:

  1. those in which the dye is separated from the dye activator, and the marker needs to be shaken to mix the ingredients - such markers often contain a ball that helps mix the dye with the activator. This type of marker is great for filling larger areas, especially as a second coat, as well as for mixing colors. Namely, when you draw with this marker over an already drawn part that is already dry, the color activator will still dissolve the bottom layer and the two colors will mix. The problem with these markers is if the dye and the activator are not mixed enough, ie the dye activator separates, so the balloon can burst from this pure chemical.
  2. the ones that don’t need shaking, ideal for drawing thin lines, and when I want to draw details in a lighter color over a darker one without my colors getting mixed up. Namely, these markers do not dissolve another color, because they are of a different composition and do not contain a solvent.


I've heard of the problem with some types of markers when a balloon bursts or bursts, that it's possible for the paint to scatter on someone's clothes (supposedly a bride), even though it was dry on the balloon, but after the balloon breaks, those crumbs of paint spread to the first surface. accepts, and stays there. I don't know if that's true.


Basically, there are several types of markers that can be used on balloons, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


It is important to know that if you are not satisfied with the drawing you can correct it by wiping the drawing with acetone!


In addition to markers, you can "write" on the balloons with glue in a pencil over which you then sprinkle sequins. It is important that the glue is not aggressive to latex, and that it dries quickly.


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