Every artist was first an amateur.

balloon roses

Making things with hands is obsession.

Each new/renew skill stimulates the desire to develop.


Making things with hands from begining to end is healing for the soul and provides a sense of independence which strengthens self-confidence.


Making things with hands is so fun, that other people just bother (while working).

Someone’s admiration for handiwork is fun to watch.

Solitude is creativity's best friend.

Do you know that your country is just a corporation?
Do you know why hand works are not "real jobs"?
Do you know how hard can it be to become a "free wheel without an axle"?
Do you know exactly how much you are worth to your country?

Welcome to my creative world!

Here you can't buy anything, just enjoy in this web.

This is what I do:


modelling balloons into big decor like arches, tunnels or walls. I replaced classical knitting and crocheting with ballooon weaving, because this is much more fun and I am completely obsessed with it.


but not in paper - I pack gifts in a balloon! That is really fun to do.  And if have no gift I stuff balloon with smaller balloons to make small balloon explosion.


This is the most fun thing to do, although it requires a combination of strength and tenderness, with the skills to model shapes.

Anyone who has tried this knows how difficult it is.


balloon scrap - I knit or crochet jewelry (bracelets, pedants) or make some other decorative stuff. I never throw any part of the balloon.


Sometimes I code a bit to edit this website. 

I created this website using Joomla! CMS and my imagination.


because handicrafts are meditative works

and thinking is inevitable.

The most dangerous part of manual work is falling into the trap of thinking.

Sometimes I write an article